Tim Barner



June 2014:

I started this project long ago. It is based on two of my paintings Song of Summer and Dance. The main characters are the Hosta stems from the paintings. I became frustrated with the project because the stems were just too long and skinny to show up well, so I put it down. Recently I found some old renders I had done of the room the action takes place in and decided to try my hand at it one more time. This time it looks more promising. I've simplified the background so it does not compete with the actors and I discovered a compositing setup for controlling the edge outline of the animated sticks (I'm using Blender for the animation).

The scene takes place in a living room. When no one is around the figures in the paintings come to life. (Notice the door closing in the first clip - no sound effects yet.)

Here are three short proof-of-concept clips to get the ball rolling. The head of the single-stem character will rotate like a propellor (see early flight test clip below). I have not included that in the renders yet. I just wanted to see some basic movement and study the overall rendering effect. And, no, not all of the action will involve the main character crashing into the ground...

And here is a short clip from my first experiments an age ago testing the flight characteristics of the main character. It is rough but illustrates the propellor action I'll modify and incorporate into the project.